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Sharing God's Word and Love to the People of Thailand

Little Candles Church

Bringing the Word of God to the people of Phrao

The Little Candles Church builds of the platform of the Little Candles School to reach out to the people of Phrao. The church consists of Sunday worship and its various ministry groups, including prayer meetings, bible studies,  youth ministry, and preaching points. We believe that only a relationship with Christ can bring us true joy in life and release from the bondages of sin and guilt that trap every person in this world.  Our strategy is to help the people see the love of Christ through our various community projects, while at the same time sharing with them the Word of God, and gathering the responsive ones into bible study groups that eventually grow into new churches. 

Faithful to the Word, Active through the Spirit

Branching out with the gospel

We are committed to bible-centred teaching that does not compromise the Christian faith  in the highly tolerant Thai society where anything goes.  We believe that Jesus is the only way to forgiveness of our sins and a relationship with God that opens the way to heaven. Sin must be acknowledged and confessed, and trust must be placed in Christ for salvation. 

We also believe in an "active" Christian life that is driven by bible study, prayer, devotion, church commitment, evangelism, and victorious Christian living that seeks to overcome sin in the believer's life. Our motivation and strenth is in the sacrificial love of Christ and moving of his Holy Spirit in our hearts.
Our goal is to reach all 70 villages in Phrao with a church in every village where one does not already exist. Besides our main service in Phrao town, we have also started a preaching point in neighboring Longkord village (30km from Phrao town), and rotating morning praying group that meets in different villages throughout the week. 

We aim to start ministries among all peoples irregardless of their backgrounds, gender, age or social status using all means available to us. In short, we believe all need Christ, and all are saved in the same way! 

  1. Sunday Worship Service
    Sunday Worship Service
  2. Home visitation
    Home visitation
  3. Worship team leading the congregation into praise
    Worship team leading the congregation into praise
  4. Teaching the bible
    Teaching the bible
  5. Visiting the sick and needy
    Visiting the sick and needy
  6. Jesus film ministry
    Jesus film ministry
  7. Teaching the children to pray
    Teaching the children to pray

Calling for Volunteers

Want to be a missionary? We are looking for short-term and long-term missionaries to help us fulfill the Great Commission (Mat 28:18-20) and plant a church in every village in Phrao. Missionaries will be assigned to various projects depending on their training and giftings including preaching, serving on the worship team, assisting wiith sound and lighting, running outreach programs for children, teaching bible lessons at the Little Candles School, and many other exciting ministries. Missionaries are expected to come fully self-funded - no pay will be given, except for housing and a meal a day, and the joy of seeing a person come to Christ!