The Surin Foundation
Sharing God's Word and Love to the People of Thailand


Developing the village of Longkord with the Word of God.

Being a non-profit organisation the Surin Foundation relies on the help of volunteers and missionaries to fulfil its project objectives. Volunteers bring the love and Word of God to the people through their creative teaching skills and loving presence among the people. This is shown through English / Chinese teaching, music skills, visitation of poor, sick and elderly, and the homes of the sponsorship children, and helping with our church and school ministries.  

Your presence goes a long way 

Volunteering made easy

For many Thai's who become Christians, their testimony of conversion begins like this, "I became a Christian because of the love that another Christian showed me". In other words, just by showing your love and concern to the Thai's goes a long way to bring them on the path to a relationship with God - even before you say a word. This love is shown through diligent preparation of your school lessons, or just eating or spending time with them, and even visiting their homes to pray for them. The connection continues through social media even after you've left the scene. Personally after teaching an English course, i've had non-Christian Thai's contact me years later saying, thanks for sharing your Christian love to me because now I have started to believe in Jesus. When you start receiving emails like this, it will certainly bring you to tears of joy.
You don't need to stress over elaborate preparation of lessons or getting yourself a theological decree, or perfecting the language before your can share the gospel with a Thai. Just come with the right attitude and a humble spirit and teaching mind, and you will see God work wonders through your seemingly untalented life. Gifts and abilities that you never knew you had will be unlocked as your trust in Him. At the Surin Foundation, we also emphasize on identifying the talents of our volunteers and assigning them to where they perform best. So come with an open mind and we'll show you how you fit into God's jigsaw picture for missions.
  1. Hong Kong Team 2014
    Hong Kong Team 2014
  2. Hong Kong Team 2014
    Hong Kong Team 2014
  3. Australian Team 2015
    Australian Team 2015
  4. Australian Team 2015
    Australian Team 2015
  5. Leo from China
    Leo from China
  6. Joyce and Lin from Singapore
    Joyce and Lin from Singapore
  7. Jan and John from Australia
    Jan and John from Australia
  8. Australian Team 2015
    Australian Team 2015

Calling for Volunteers

Convinced? Touched? Have a burden for Thai's? Want to help out? Here is the first step. Send us your details using the contact form below, and we'll get back to you with what to do next. Give yourself about 6 months preparation time before coming out to Thailand. This time is neccesary to prepare visas, get prayer support from your church and friends, and to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for this exciting challenge in your life.